Recently Composed Dances (most by Dave Notman)

About These Dances

These dances vary greatly in quality. Many were written in a recent frenzy of creativity, and a good many more remain to be formatted and posted. I have no doubt that several contain outright errors either in the dances or in the write-ups. Some will be of interest only because they contain unusual moves or ideas that may stimulate others to write better dances around these moves. Feel free to try any these dances, perform them, or use them as the basis for your own compositions! Please send feedback!

Indexes to the dances

For Fans of Will Loving's "Callers Companion" program

My dances are available as a import file for Caller's Companion! Here's how to import them:

  1. Callers Companion version 1.01b28 or later recommended!!!!
  2. Back up your database. If you don't like my dances, deleting them one by one will be painful!
  3. Create a folder on your desktop (e.g. "DaveN").
  4. Download Dance.xls and Phrase.xls to that folder.
  5. In Callers Companion, start with the "Special" menu -> "Import one or More Dances from Desktop".
  6. Pick the folder name created in step #3 from the list .. and import!

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Updated 1/3/2013